Top 10 Things University & College Clubs Should Be Doing In August

In many ways, clubs are the lifeblood of campus life, offering events, activities, and opportunities for students to explore their passions outside the lecture hall or lab. But for dedicated club organizers, waiting until the frenzy of September to get things started is not the ideal strategy.


In fact, the best time to start club activities is in August. So as the school year approaches, here are a few tips on  how to get going.


The early bird gets the members!

1. Contact Execs

August is the right time to contact any outgoing or graduated organizers to ask about any unfinished business. The last thing you want to discover is an unpaid invoice that got lost in the shuffle.

2. Record Welcome Video

Grab your smartphone and a friend and record a welcome video for returning and new members. Explain the mission on the club and its planned activities for the coming year, including details of your social pages and first event. 


Pro Tip: buy a $20.00 lapel microphone like this one from Boya and plug it into your phone to record WAY better audio.

3. Schedule First Event

Even if you don’t have a location book your meeting in August as a Facebook Event (this is a feature of Groups).  This gives new and returning members something to engage with and share even if they’re still on the beach.  


You can always update the agenda, location, and ticket sale info later. They key is to get your event saved into Google Calendars and shared.

4. Share Club Survey

A great club runs on its member engagement and this means giving people a voice. One easy way to do this is to create and share a survey. The easiest way to do this is to use Google Forms. Your questions should include pick lists, yes/no options, and open-ended fields.


Pro Tip: take this opportunity to collect email, mobility, allergy, and other key information from your members (see next point).

5. Open Up Nominations

Talented people for roles like treasurer might have their pick of clubs. Get your nominations going in August and hit the ground running on your leadership structure. 


Pro Tip: use your Club Survey form to collect these nominations.

6. Post In High School Groups

A major source of new members will be found within local high schools and so August is a great time to grab use these groups to remind graduates that the next group they should be joining is yours.


Pro Tip: before posting reach out to the Group admins to request permission to post about your club.

7. Approach Speakers & Mentors

Talented people tend to be busy people so give your top choices of guest speakers and mentors as much time and flexibility as possible. Requesting this while they are sunning themselves in August will get better results than September.


Pro Tip: if you are using LinkedIn to approach these folks, don’t just click ‘Connect’, write an intro about yourself and your club.

8. Start Your To-Do List

Taking some time in August when your life is relatively calm to think about what you want to achieve with your club in the coming semester and year is a very smart thing to do. Doing this will help ensure that you hit the ground running.


Pro Tip: use a free service like Trello to start listing action items and assigning owners.

9. Plan Fundraising

Along with memberships, merchandise sales, food sales, and event tickets are an important part of club fundraising activities. 


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