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Use ChangeJar to power your business with the same mobile buying experiences that Starbucks, McDonalds, and Tim Hortons use to grow their business and boost customer convenience and loyalty.

Your business boosting toolkit

Industry leaders use mobile selling solutions to shorten lines, reduce waiting times and boost loyalty. Now you can do the same.

ChangeJar Pay

Avoid the cost and complexity of an
e-commerce website. Start selling on your social media pages in minutes.

Scan & Go

Maximize peak times by letting your customers skip the line with mobile self-checkouts on "grab & go" items.

Order Ahead

Perfect for food and beverage retailers. Offer the time-saving convenience of ordering and paying ahead of time.

Park & Go

Allow your visitors to skip the kiosk and pay for parking from the warmth and security of their car or from inside your building.

Team Perks

Local businesses can use ChangeJar to fund employee discounts and freebies that get applied automatically at your checkout. Perfect for repeat sales.

Smart Rewards

Drive off-peak sales, bigger basket sizes, and repeat purchases with flexible rewards built specifically for your business. No more stamp cards - offer rewards that manage themselves.

Customers choose convenience

Stop losing customers to industry giants. Offer customers the convenient mobile buying experiences that will make 

them choose you.

How it works

  • Log into the Merchant Portal to set up your sale. Share your offer on social media or print out a self-checkout card.
  • Customers pay using the ChangeJar mobile wallet app for iPhone or Android, or they can pay from Facebook Messenger.
  • You'll be notified as new purchases are completed.
  • Any custom rewards we've set up with you will be automatically tracked and instantly redeemed.

Mobilize Your Business

Our mobile solutions enable you to boost your business and deliver more convenience to your customers at guaranteed best-in-market  prices

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