Increase team happiness with local perks

Use ChangeJar to offer your employees cost-effective, time-saving perks they truly love – automatic discounts at their go-to cafes and favorite lunch spots.

5 free coffees a week at the cafe 

$10.00 per week at the food truck

20% off on all lunchtime purchases at the local eatery

Craft the perfect perk

Our flexible perks can support virtually anything you could imagine e.g. cash value, discounts, or freebies. Craft the perfect perks from local cafes, restaurants, and juice bars that keep your employees happy and engaged.

No fuss, no paperwork, no commitment

Designate one or more local independent merchants as your perk partner. We handle the on-boarding.

No credit cards. Load budget via Interac e-Transfer, identify your perk, and set your budget.

Perks can be freebies or discounts on specific items or offered as a weekly cash value.

Enroll employees via email. There are no receipts, forms, or paperwork for them to submit. 

Employees can pre-order their perk from their smartphone, limiting unproductive line ups.

HR reps and Team Leaders log-in to ChangeJar to view their perk account, manage enrollment, top-up funds, and track redemptions.

Low cost, in every way

With just a single low monthly fee and virtually no admin overheads, Team Perks is a hugely cost-effective addition to your employee engagement strategy.


Equally good, your local merchant partner is saving 100% of the credit and debit card fees when processing sales from Team Perks.

Cost to recruit a knowledge worker: $35,000
Cost to replace an hourly employee: $5,000
Employee perk ($10 per week): $500

The power of perks

57% of employees reported benefits and perks as being among their top considerations before accepting a job

High employee engagement can increase revenues by up to two and a half times as much as companies with lower engagement

Employees who are actively engaged are 43% more productive at work

Highly engaged employees were 87 percent less likely to leave their companies

Support independent businesses

It’s hard to imagine doing business without ChangeJar. In the past 5 months alone we’ve sold over 30,000 coffees to a single local employer with Team Perks. It’s been awesome so far.

Tim Van Dyke
Owner, LUNCH cafes, Ottawa

Get started now

Create flexible, cost-effective perks that your employees will love while supporting a favourite local business.