Increase team happiness with local perks

Use ChangeJar to offer your employees cost-effective perks they truly love – discounts at their go-to cafes and favorite lunch spots.

Two free coffees a day at the cafe 

$2 off all purchases at the food truck

20% off on all lunchtime purchases at the local eatery

Craft the perfect perk

Our flexible engine can support virtually any perk you could imagine. Craft the perfect perk from local favorites that makes your employees happy and engaged.

No fuss, no paperwork, no commitment

Perks are automatically managed and redeemed instantly, with no receipts or paperwork necessary. We’ll handle onboarding your local perk partner.

To redeem their perk, your employees simply display their personal code from their phone at checkout.

Simply login to the ChangeJar Hub to view your perk account, allocate funds, and track redemptions.

Low cost, in every way

We’re orders of magnitude cheaper than any other perk program, and less costly than the turnover costs that arise from disengaged employees.

Recruit a knowledge worker: $35,000
Replace an hourly employee: $5000
Cost of annual perks for an employee: $500

The power of perks

57% of employees reported benefits and perks as being among their top considerations before accepting a job

High employee engagement can increase revenues by up to two and a half times as much as companies with lower engagement

Employees who are actively engaged are 43% more productive at work

Highly engaged employees were 87 percent less likely to leave their companies

Get started now

Create flexible, cost-effective perks that your employees will love while supporting a favourite local business.