The ChangeJar Story

Mobile apps provide a lot of convenience when making everyday purchases like our morning coffee and lunchtime take-out. But do you have the full picture?

The downside is that these apps require us to add a credit or Visa Debit card. Doing this racks up fees and interest charges from the second we make our purchase.


Then there are the costs we as consumers don’t see, but retailers suffer daily.


Food apps like UberEats and Ritual charge their merchant retailers anywhere between 10% and 35% commissions. To provide some context, the average profit margin in the food business these days is about 2%.


For most local businesses, these exorbitant rates keep them out of the mobile game altogether. They are simple unsustainable. Even for those retailers who do sign up, these steep costs translate into less money for the owners (and their staff) and higher menu prices for you, the customer.


But what if there was a way to keep the convenience of the mobile services we love but bypass the interest and fees associated with credit cards and Visa Debit.

ChangeJar Is Mobile Cash

We started ChangeJar to give local merchants an affordable alternative to mobile services built on credit cards and Visa Debit.


ChangeJar is based on cash (customers load via secure Interac e-transfer or at any of over 4,000 Canada Post locations) so you just need a bank account to participate. Not a credit card in sight.


Once cash is loaded, our merchants can offer you the mobile buying experiences we’ve all come to love!

  • Order Ahead – for skipping the line with mobile pre-ordering
  • Scan & Go – for skipping the line with mobile self-checkout
  • Park & Go – for skipping those crappy, desolate kiosks with mobile payment
  • Team Perks – for employee discounts at local retailers on coffee and snacks
  • Instant Transfers – for skipping the ATM and fees to send cash to friends

Why We Love Chat

ChangeJar offers the choice of using our app for iPhone or Android, but consumers can skip downloading the app altogether and buy from our merchants using Facebook Messenger.


Using chat platforms like Messenger to buy stuff is a new concept in the West, but in places like China, it’s an everyday thing.


One of the best things about building services on chat is that it provides a way for mobile service providers like ChangeJar to reduce the cost and expense of developing for the Apple Store and Google Play.


By investing in chat-based commerce, we’re saving the costs imposed by the app store middlemen and making mobile commerce affordable for our merchant customers, and for you, the consumer.


Rewards. Rewards. Rewards.

Once you add cash to your ChangeJar (via Interac e-transfer or at one of over 4,000 Canada Post locations) it becomes “magic cash”.  


This means that when you use ChangeJar our merchants can automatically apply instant and same-day rewards, something that was impossible to do with physical cash.


But doing rewards effectively actually requires a lot science. The global retail giants using data science and artificial intelligence to deliver their rewards certainly know this, but for smaller retailers, it’s been tough to keep up. 


That’s why ChangeJar ‘Smart Rewards’ is so near and dear to our hearts. We know that for independent retailers every promotion must be work for the customer AND their bottom line. 


For example, using a stamp card to give a free coffee every few weeks lacks the immediacy of an effective reward and is actually providing an incentive for a purchase that would have happened anyway.


In contrast, ChangeJar Smart Rewards allows merchants to automatically apply small nudge rewards that support specific business goals, such as increasing same day purchases, boosting sales on a specific date, increasing off-peak sales, or getting more repeat business.  


Smart Rewards are another way that ChangeJar is helping independent retailers fight for customers in a way that is both profitable and sustainable.


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Let’s make cash king once again, say no to unfair credit card fees, and wave goodbye to the unsustainable commissions charged by most mobile service apps. Simply visit our Facebook Page and click the “Get Started” button.

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Our fees are a flat rate 25 cents per transaction. Nothing else.  That’s about 1 or 2 percent per order, which is about 10% – 35% less than current credit card based take-out and delivery apps. 


This extra revenue can make a HUGE difference as local businesses fight to pay their staff a fair wage and compete with the global retail chains. Much of these savings will also end up back in your pocket in the form of lower prices and rewards. 


ChangeJar is currently available to merchants in Canada and they can visit our website at to get started.



The ChangeJar Team