Frequently Asked Questions

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Consumers - FAQ

ChangeJar is like cash, but stored on your phone. It’s a fast, secure, convenient, and anonymous way to pay for small purchases.

1. Get ChangeJar
2. Load some money
3. Buy something!

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Just like physical cash payments, mobile cash payments shouldn’t have fees.
Our solution is not powered by banks or credit card companies. We make “payments powered by people” possible.

Install the ChangeJar app for iOS or Android. It’s free, and just like cash, there is no sign-up required! Don’t want to (or can’t) install the app? If you have Facebook Messenger, you can use ChangeJar without installing anything. Check out the instructions here.

ChangeJar is currently only available in Canada.

New merchants are accepting ChangeJar all the time. For an up-to-date list, open the app and click “locations” in the menu.

The best way to load your ChangeJar is with Interac e-Transfer. It’s fast, secure and you can do it from anywhere.
You can also load at any business accepting ChangeJar, simply by paying cash and asking the cashier to put the change on your ChangeJar.
You can load your ChangeJar at any Canada Post location.
Your ChangeJar balance will increase when a friend sends you money from their ChangeJar.

Use ChangeJar just like cash. Send money to a friend. Pay for your share of a pizza. Payback an IOU. Buy a coffee or a beer. Pick up a muffin at a bake sale. You get the idea.

ChangeJar person-to-person transfers are the fastest way to pay a friend. Funds are instantly deposited in your friend’s ChangeJar.

There is no minimum transfer and there are absolutely no fees.

ChangeJar never shares, sells or rents your personal or transaction data.
To prevent fraud, ChangeJar generates a random, single-use code every time you make a payment. This renders theft virtually impossible.

– ChangeJar is useful for all types of small payments – P2P, in-store, in-app and online. Built and available in Canada.
– Venmo is primarily a person-to-person (P2P) transfer app and not available for in-store payments. Only available in the United States.
– Tilt, now out of business, offered P2P payment and social payments. ChangeJar took over the P2P payments space in Canada.

Businesses - FAQ

Online payments have a flat rate $0.25 transaction fee. In-person, Scan & Go transaction have a $0.10 transaction fee. 

For more information on fees, go to

To get started with ChangeJar, go to

Signing up takes minutes and is completely free. 

Yes! At ChangeJar, our focus from day one has been making transactions as fast and easy as possible for both consumers and merchants, while making theft or fraud ridiculously difficult.

No, you can manage your sales from any device using our online portal. 

You can use any of our applications from your own iOS or Android mobile device or tablet.

At the end of the day, you simply access your activity summary through the ChangeJar Merchant app menu and your cash adjustment amount will be displayed for reconciliation.

For merchant accounts, we provide an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to your bank account upon request.

Clubs and Fundraisers - FAQ

When you create a new sale in the ChangeJar Merchant Portal, you will receive a link. You can share this link in any way you would any other link: paste in an event description, share on Facebook, send to a group on Messenger or via email.

Yes! You can set up as many sales as you like. 

You can export the list of purchasers as a downloadable CSV file from the offer manager in the portal.

There are two ways of doing this: You can send an email to requesting an Interac e-Transfer, which will process almost instantly. But not all business bank accounts can accept e-Transfer – please check with your banking rep. The second option is to receive your funds via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), accessible through the Merchant Portal. These take up to 5 business days to process.

Nope! ChangeJar never charges consumers any fees. 

No! For consumers, getting started is as simple as opening a conversation with ChangeJar on Facebook Messenger, and loading funds via Interac e-Transfer. For more info about getting started, see