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Food Trucks | MObile food operators 

Deliver convenience, reduce wait times, increase profits

Reach new customers and offer your customers the the convenience of ordering and paying with their smartphone. 


ChangeJar is your new home for food truck mobile services that are affordable and easy-to-use. 


At last, affordable mobile commerce

Use ChangeJar to reduce line ups and wait time and offer big-league convenience that wins customers and boosts your bottom line. Powered by the lowest transaction fees on the market.

Order Ahead Service

Customers pay for food and drinks ahead of time, skipping the line and the wait time. Shorter lines and quicker service make for happier customers and smoother peak times.

Scan & Go

Sometimes your customers just need something small without waiting. Let them grab a soft drink or snack item from a cooler or basket, pay with their phone, and go - all without coming to the service window.

Smart Rewards

ChangeJar helps you build small, cost-effective rewards that are delivered instantly or same day so they are perfect even forgetting repeat business even from short term locations like events and festivals.

Partner Up

If your truck is based at a regular location, use our Team Perks service to let local employers offer their employee discounts on your food, drinks, and snacks. Awesome for repeat business.

Offer your customers convenience

Offer customers the level of time-saving convenience with services like Order Ahead and Scan & Go that will keep them coming back to your truck time and time again. This is big league

Starbucks makes 20% of their peak sales from their mobile app which reduced line ups and maximizes profit

Simple setup, no equipment

Create or edit your menu and rewards from our website in minutes. Get notified of all purchases directly on your personal smartphone or the mobile device that you use for POS.


Share your mobile menu by Twitter, Facebook, email, or SMS.

Lowest fees in the market

Transactions on ChangeJar have an ultra-low flat fees of 10¢ for Scan & Go and 25¢ for Order Ahead. That’s multiple times less than leading take-out services like UberEats, and Skip The Dishes.


For a limited time only, ChangeJar is also offering new merchants up to $125 in free Facebook or Instagram ads to support their new Order Ahead menu. 


You’ll receive a $25 ad campaign just for signing up, and an additional $100 if you complete just 500 Order Ahead transactions of $5 or more in the first 90 days. 


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“It’s hard to imagine doing business without ChangeJar. In the past 5 months alone we’ve sold over 30,000 coffees to a single local employer with Team Perks. It’s been awesome so far.”

Tim Van Dyke
Owner, ThinkLUNCH

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