5 ways to survive the Elgin Street construction

5 reason why mobile commerce is the key to keeping your business thriving through the Elgin Street construction

The two year Elgin Street construction project has started and the demolition is now starting to show. Already, stretches of the street are hacked up and lined by metal fencing and construction equipment.


But this is just the beginning. Through 2019 the street will face dramatic road closures and detours, rerouting traffic around the major downtown thoroughfare and popular bar and restaurant strip.


Though lengthy construction projects like this can be an inconvenience to anyone in the area, they pose a serious threat to local businesses. The result of the construction may promise a more pedestrian friendly – and hopefully commerce friendly – Elgin street, but business owners first need to make it through this prolonged period of upheaval to reap the benefits.


So until the expanded sidewalks and multi-use spaces are in place, and people flock to Elgin again, it’s time for business owners to to mitigate this potential hit to business by finding alternative ways to attract and engage customers.

1. Extend your reach

Business owners can now engage with current and potential customers more easily than ever. Mobile commerce services enable businesses to access active and potential customers anywhere, anytime, thus becoming less reliant on walk-in traffic. These apps and services are the perfect solution for Elgin street business owners, many of whom are understandably worried that customers will be reluctant to enter the construction area. As the traffic on Elgin street decreases, mobile commerce is essential to expanding your business’s reach beyond the sidewalk and maintaining your bottom line.

2. Offer convenience

While your regular customers may start to avoid Elgin, their basic routines won’t change – a morning coffee, a bite at lunch or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. Mobile order ahead allows you to get your menu in front of your regulars whether or not they pass by the store. Share your order ahead menu wherever you engage with your customers – on social media, your website, via email.


Not only does this help you stay top of mind, but this makes it easier for your customers to order and pay. Help offset the inconvenience of the messy street construction by giving your customers the added convenience of ordering and paying ahead of time.

3. Drive loyalty

We all know that stamp cards tend to do little to actually change your customer’s behaviour, and more often than not end up being just another card stuffed in their wallet. The upcoming period of construction is not the time for frivolous rewards. Use smart rewards to really drive the customer behaviour you want – like getting them to come into your store even when the street is in construction chaos.

4. Guarantee repeat customers

Construction-proof your business by locking in repeat customers. It’s likely that some of your most loyal customers already are those who work for companies and offices near you. It’s now time to take these relationships to the next level. Use team perks to partner with local businesses, by enabling local employers to offer employees freebies and discounts at your business.

5. $125 in advertising

ChangeJar is offering Elgin street merchants up to $125 in free Facebook or Instagram ads to promote their new Order Ahead menu. It’s time to hit the ground running and get started with ChangeJar mobile commerce before the worst of the construction starts.

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