Mobile Services at Bayview Yards

ChangeJar, the mobile commerce platform, has partnered with Invest Ottawa / Bayview Yards and on-site cafe LUNCH to offer employees and visitors time-saving convenience when making on-site purchases.


Our mobile services include:

  • Mobile Park & Go for parking lot
  • Mobile Order Ahead for the LUNCH cafe
  • Mobile Scan & Go at the LUNCH cafe

Facebook Messenger

To access and make purchases from any of the mobile services here at Bayview Yards in Facebook Messenger simply click the button below. This means there’s no app to download and you can start instantly! 


Pro tip: simply type “Bayview mobile” in ChangeJar Messenger at any time to re-open the mobile service menu.


Park & Go

Skip the kiosk and pay for your parking space in the Bayview Yards dedicated lot from your car or once inside the building. 


Pro tip: if the clock starts ticking, don’t run outside, just re-open the link to add some extra time.

Order Ahead @ LUNCH

Ready to skip the line? Open the mobile take-out menu from LUNCH to have your coffee, breakfast sandwich, or daily special waiting for you to pick up when you reach the counter.  


Please Note:  Order Ahead is an “on-demand” service. Please allow a few minutes for your order to be prepared.

Scan & Go @ LUNCH

In the middle of a meeting or event and want quick soft drink or snack? The LUNCH ‘Scan & Go’ offers you the opportunity to skip the cashier with self-checkout on your smartphone.  


Here’s how it works using the app:

1. Locate the “Scan & Go” cards at LUNCH (as shown)

2. Open ChangeJar using app or Messenger

3. Tap scan (app) or type “scan” (Messenger)

4. Tap ‘Buy’ on an item

5. Go! 


Please Note: You can onlypurchase a single Scan & Go item at a time. The LUNCH cashier receives a notification when you make your purchase.


After Your Visit

If you have cash left in your ChangeJar after your visit you can use it on your next visit to Bayview Yards or to make purchases at any other participating ChangeJar retailer.

Get Support

If you have questions, please email the ChangeJar team about any the mobile services available at Bayview Yards.

Use the button below to send an email to yourself or a colleague that contains all the links from this page.

Invest Ottawa Coffee Program

If you are an employee of IO or an incubator tenant simply drop by reception to sign up for the free coffee program. Once you’re in the program, drop by LUNCH, order a “free coffee”, and do the following:


1. Open ChangeJar in app or Messenger

2. Tap the blue jar icon (in the app) or type “code” (in Messenger)

3. Show the code to the cashier

4. Keep on crushin’


Please noteNew codes are issued at the start of each calendar month and available from reception. Program participants receive up to 2 free cups per day.  Deloitte employees obtain their Team Perk code separately.

About ChangeJar

ChangeJar offers convenient and rewarding retail experiences via Facebook Messenger, meaning that over 1 billion people worldwide are “ChangeJar ready”.


We’re based on mobile cash that is topped up by secure Interac e-transfer so no interest charges accumulate on ChangeJar purchases and consumers don’t need to be over 18 or own a credit/debit card to participate. 


For independent retailers, private clubs, and fundraisers, the ChangeJar HUB offers guaranteed best-in-market prices for leading-edge mobile commerce services and our automated intelligent rewards enable them to compete effectively with global chains.


For more information please visit or email