Integrate cash payments into your consumer offers

Add ChangeJar into your payment stack to eliminate the 3% payment processing fees and offer consumers an inclusive (and private) alternative to credit cards and Visa Debit.

0% + pennies per user – ChangeJar

3% + 30c per transaction – Others

Just pennies per user

Digital cash-based payments through ChangeJar provide you with an ultra-low cost payment gateway through which funds are always guaranteed. 


We charge a flat rate per unique monthly user, not per transaction. These savings open up new  opportunities to grow your business, such as offering consumer cashbacks.

Support inclusive consumerism

Offering a cash-based payment option makes your business more inclusive to consumers under-18 and the millions of adults who are excluded from (or avoid) credit cards. 


Customers load their ChangeJar mobile wallet with a standard Interac e-Transfer or by exchanging physical cash at any of Canada Post’s 6,000+ locations nationwide.

34% of Canadians are unbanked or underbanked

    “transactionId”: 94824,
    “result”: “paid”,
    “amount”: 2375,
    “fee”: 25

Secure, easy to use API

Integrating the ChangeJar API is easy – one simple API call requests a payment and a webhook notifies you when the transaction has been completed. The API is secured using industry-standard principles.

More privacy + powerful rewards

Unlike credit and debit cards, ChangeJar digital cash transactions remain anonymous. This means that your customer’s details are not exposed to 3rd party payment processing companies. 


However, our transaction data is sufficient to offer customers leading-edge instant and “next purchase” discounts using our built-in rewards engine.